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Fix your bathtub, sink, or shower in just one day with our bathtub refinishing services, shower resurfacing, and sink resurfacing in the Elmhurst, Illinois. With our bathtub, shower, and sink resurfacing, you’ll be able to use your bathroom the same day that we fix it!

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Tub, shower, and sink replacement is expensive. Why spend the money when you could save as much as 70% of that cost using our services? We can complete the entire project in one day and this includes curing time.

We offer high quality, affordable, and efficient bathtub restoration, sink refinishing, shower tile refinishing, and countertop refinishing for homes, townhomes, condos, apartments, and hotels in the Elmhurst, including the zip codes 60106, 60126 and 60181.

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Bathtub Refinishing

If your bathtub has seen better days, it could be a great candidate for our bathtub refinishing services. We use the highest quality bathtub coating and the latest techniques to ensure your 100% satisfaction with our bathtub reglazing services.

The process is simple:

Our professionals will strip the existing bathtub finish and sand it down

If there are issues, such as holes or rust, we’ll repair the areas effectively

After prepping the area, we’ll lay a coat of primer and then the bathtub coating

We seal the coating and let it cure

We help clients throughout the Elmhurst area that have vintage bathtubs that they don’t want to replace as well as homeowners with more modern bathtubs that simply want to save the money and headaches of replacing a tub.

In addition to our bathtub resurfacing services, we can repair and paint your bathtub, getting it back to its original beauty in just a few hours. We help homeowners all throughout the Elmhurst area bring their older, dingy bathtubs back to life.

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bathtub reglazing Elmhurst


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bathtub resurfacing Elmhurst


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bathtub repair Elmhurst


More About Our Bathroom Fixture Remodeling Services

tub and tile reglazing Elmhurst

Shower Refinishing

Replacing your shower is expensive, messy, and time consuming. Instead, let our experts provide our shower resurfacing services, giving you a brand new looking shower in as little as one day. You’ll save as much as 70% on the cost of a new shower and have a beautiful shower too.

We offer shower restoration for fiberglass, porcelain, cast iron, ceramic and acrylic showers. In addition to our resurfacing services, we offer:

  • Shower Tile Repairs – Cracks, scratches, and holes can take away the beauty and function of a shower. Let our experts repair your shower tiles, making your shower look great again. Whether you need our shower tile repair service alone or in combination with our resurfacing services, we are here to help.
  • Shower Tile Repainting – If your shower tiles are in good condition, they just need a little facelift, our shower tile paint and reglazing services can bring them back to life. While painting may seem like a DIY job, we recommend leaving it to the experts that know how to handle the job from start to finish. It's tricky to do right and needs special equipment to ensure the coat doesn't come off after use.
  • Bathroom Tile Refinishing - Some issues lie slightly underneath the upper surface. For these situations, we can complete refinish the top layer and give it a professional tile glaze.

Sink Refinishing

If you love the style of your sink, but know that it’s seen better days, let our experts resurface your bathroom sink. This can cut down on the time and headaches of shopping for a new sink, while giving your bathroom an updated look.

Whether your bathroom sink lost color, is rusting, or you just want to update the appearance, our contractors are the answer to ‘find a company for sink refinishing near me.’ We work with acrylic, cast iron, porcelain, fiberglass, and ceramic materials, helping you get the finish you desire on your bathroom sink.

We also offer the following services for your bathroom sink:

  • Reglazing – If your bathroom sink seems dingy no matter how much you clean it, our reglazing services may be the answer. After a deep cleaning and removal of caulk, we’ll reglaze your sink. We can reglaze a cast iron sink as well as a porcelain sink to give it a brand new look.
  • Repairs – Bathroom sinks get a lot of use, which means a lot of wear and tear. Let our experts help repair unsightly holes, rust, and other dingy areas with our sink repair services.
  • Resurfacing - For most sinks, reglazing brings a sink back to life. Sometimes, it also needs a bit more resurfacing work to restore that top sink layers. Let our experts handle the job for you so that it’s done right. We offer clean, efficient, and affordable bathroom sink restoration services.

Tile Reglazing

From porcelain shower tiles to ceramic flooring tile, our tile reglazing service will renew the look of your bathroom in record time at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Choose the color, texture and finish that most suits your taste and let us do the heavy lifting. Tile refinishing services can typically be done in just one day, depending on the size of the project, so you won’t be out of a bathroom for long.

Cabinet Refinishing

Don’t put off that dream kitchen makeover just because the price of new cabinets is more than you want to invest right now. With our cabinet refinishing services, you can transform the style of your kitchen in just days. We’ll resurface the doors and boxes to remove the previous finish, prep for new paint or stain and then give your cabinets a modern facelift you’ll love.

Bathtub Repair & Deep Cleaning

Bathtubs get a lot of use, which can wear them down or make them look dingy. If they don’t receive regular cleaning, they could look even worse. Before throwing your hands up in the air and assuming you just have to live with it, let our bathroom experts professionally clean and repair your bathtub.

It's possible that your tub doesn't even need resurfacing; just a deep cleaning.

We have the equipment, contractors, and experience to restore your bathtub back to life without full restoration services. Let our experts have a hand at your bathtub and show you its true potential with our affordable services.

Countertop Refinishing

Your bathroom countertop is the center of the bathroom’s appeal. If the counter is in poor condition, it can make the whole bathroom seem dingy. If you want more life out of your bathroom countertop, consider our countertop refinishing services. Our contractors can reglaze, resurface, reface, repair or paint your countertops.

After discussing your needs with you, our contractors will come look at your countertop to see what it needs. Sometimes a deep cleaning and coat of paint is all that is necessary to bring your counters back to life. Other times, you may need a complete resurfacing, sanding the counter down and starting over with a new surface.

Is Refinishing Right for You?

Many folks benefit from refinishing services. We serve many different types of clients in the Elmhurst area including:

  • Homeowners with large families that can’t be without their tub for a day
  • Homeowners selling their home that need to update their bathtub for ultimate resale value
  • Investors flipping houses that don’t want to invest in a complete bathroom remodel
  • Apartment complex owners that want to raise rent in dated units
  • Hotels that need updated tubs but are on a strict budget

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