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bathtub refinishing Arlington Hts IL

Throughout the entire site, we talk about the different procedures that we can apply to bathtubs in order to restore in one way or another. Generally speaking, reglazing, and resurfacing can also be considered ways to refinish a bathroom.

We get into that in detail in our bathtub reglazing and resurfacing pages. In an effort to make every page on the site worth reading we want to talk about the process that we actually go through to decide which bathtubs we believe are a better fit for one procedure or the other.

Always remember though that and the end of the day, you have the final decision that will determine what we will actually do!

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tub refinishing Arlington Hts IL

Why You Could To Want To Refinish A Bathtub

There are cases where people get up in the morning and they are just not 100% satisfied with the way that their bathtub looks so they give us a call. Those are very rare cases though. Most of the times what we have seen happen is that people gradually start noticing that being in the bathtub is not as comfortable as it once was. What is even worse they can literally see the tiles or porcelain chipping away to the point where the bathtub is not nearly as inviting as it once was. As we’ve said the decision is up to you, and for the most part the amount of damage is not necessarily going to determine the success rate of our services!

Refinish or Start Over

We want to shed some more light on something that we just mentioned. At times people will be reluctant to give us a call because they will assume that their bathtub is beyond repair. Most of the times though people are wrong to think that. A lot of the refinishing processes are done precisely to remove any type of mold build up and seal the different cracks. So, refinish can still be an option even when all “hope seems lost”!

By All Means Run The Numbers

It is important for us to say this, we would never want to push anyone into taking a deal or hiring a service that was a bad decision for them financially speaking. If you think that going out and buying a new bathtub is going to be the best option that you have you can explore that as well. From our experience, though these refinish projects are usually a good deal because replacing a bathtub usually involves all sorts of different adjustments to the bathroom itself that are going to be way more expensive than the bathtub itself!

Tile, Plastic, Porcelain, Cast Iron

There are many different main components that are being used to build bathtubs these days. Some are more durable than others, also some can be repaired with better results than others. The problem with some of the newer plastic tubs is that they are harder to repair and can be less durable. For the most part, though we can repair services on many different types of tubs that are made from a variety of materials!

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