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bathtub resurfacing Arlington Hts IL

This one of the more extensive procedures that we offer to our clients. In resurfacing we may have to replace a lot of different parts in a bathtub that are just not worth trying to restore in any way.

A lot of times we may encounter situations where we end up mixing and matching different types of procedures. So, this is going to ultimately affect the price tag on the project.

In this page, we want to cover more of myths that people have tried to push about these types of services. As well as let you know what you can expect from us if you decide to hire our services!

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tub resurfacing Arlington Hts IL

Why People Believe Resurfacing or Refinishing In General Is A Myth

We actually put in some research both online and with some of our potential clients and clients to try and find the source for this particular myth. To be honest it really could hurt our business if the first thing that people say when they look up bathtub resurfacing are all of these conspiracy theories. After all of the research, the only real answer that we could come up with is that tub manufacturers are trying to push that idea because people like us are hurting their business. If you work with the right company though, which we believe we are, you should notice too many differences between new and resurfaced bathtubs!

Working On Different Types Of Bathtubs

It is a well-known fact that there are different types of bathtubs out there. There are tile shower, ceramic, plastic, and other materials that you probably would not guess that your bathtub is made out of. It is important for us to be able to pinpoint how the bathtub what was built and what is made out of to determine what type of materials we can use if we were to need to replace certain parts of the tub.

Safety Procedures

There is this big fear of intoxication from the different fumes and chemicals that are used in these types of processes. What we can say to that, is that we know we need to be careful. There are some bathrooms that are not going to have the ideal ventilation and if that is the case for you we are going to have to account for that when providing this particular service. The “dangers” that could surround procedures such as these are the main reason why we don’t recommend that you try and get this job done on your own. We are professionals that have been working in this business for many years. Rest assured we will provide you with step by step instructions to make sure we get through the procedure safely!

Does My Bathtub Qualify For Resurfacing?

It is very important to us that we are able to be 100% honest with our clients. When you hire us we want to be able to guarantee good results. Therefore, in certain situations, we may even refuse to take on a project. We would rather leave that money on the table than leave a bad impression on you!

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