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There are a couple of things that as a company that works on all things bathrooms on a daily basis you sort of take for granted that people know.

The problem that we end up finding though when we actually get a chance to talk to a lot of potential clients is that they are not very much aware of some pretty simple concepts. The problem with going in totally in a project is that you as a buyer have no idea if you are getting a good price and really if what the company you hire is doing is the correct procedure.

So we want to go over some situations regarding shower tile refinishing projects!

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It Is Not Just About Repainting

Just about the worst thing that you can do in these particular cases is going in and repainting without any real care. You have to be very careful when choosing the company that is going to provide this service for you. We have seen a lot of fake companies perpetuate these scams. If you don’t go through the entire process of deep cleaning and removing gunk and even the silicon lines that look like tape from those grout lines all you are doing is trapping the junk under another layer of paint. It is a very bad idea!


This is something that we are going to stress a lot because it is super important for both our safety and yours. If we have to bring in extra equipment to ensure that we will be getting proper ventilation in the area we will do so. We have to do this even before we go through the deep cleaning step because even the chemicals that we use to clean can at the very least cause allergic reactions and things like that. All of which, of course, we are trying to avoid!


This is not something that we are going to have to do. Most of the times though when you are looking for this particular service you probably have missing tiles, chips and things of that nature. In doing this we will be able to even out the tile surface in a way. So, to be honest we usually like to go through this process in around 90% of the projects that we handle. Just to make sure that we are able to even everything out.

Is It Worth It?

Again we have to assume that there are people out there that are against what we do. So they post a lot of these questions online, and that leads to people calling us with these types of doubts. From our experience, we would say that this procedure is absolutely worth it. At the end of the day, you are renewing a surface that would cost a ton to replace in both time and money. You are cleaning the area thoroughly which is going to help you avoid both mold and other types of outbreaks in the home. Yes, it is worth it. We also offer sink reglazing

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