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bathtub reglazing Arlington Hts IL

A bathtub reglazing process is on our mind is a great option for those tubs that are not necessarily overly old, but have just gone a long time without proper maintenance.

It is not our intention to try and scold anybody or anything like that. After all, you can do is you please with your money. What we are saying though is that a lot of times these tubs get to those bad conditions because of the fact that they are not being used or cleaned much. If that is your case buying a new tub may seem unnecessary!

Besides the money though, we want to make sure that we clear up a lot of different myths surrounding this service to that you will be able to make the best decision possible!

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tub reglazing Arlington Hts IL

What Does Reglazing Actually Accomplish

In the best case scenario having your bathtub reglazed will help restore your bathtub to its original look. What we will be doing is basically applying different chemicals to try and combat the different types of mold that could form, removing hard water stains and things like that. After we do that we are going to recoat and repaint. So, you can bet that if everything goes well the bathtub can look as good as new!

Not Permanent?

A lot of the people who are against this particular service will point out that reglazing is not going to be a permanent solution. Our argument against that is that nothing actually is. In most cases, you can be buying 2 or 3 more years of having a decent bathtub. At the end of the day though, all tubs are going to wear down. If you go out and buy a new one you may also start seeing some of the signs of natural wear and tear after a couple of years. If we were you we would not be overly considered with durability questions!

Is It Toxic?

This is actually another aspect that people want to point to, in order to side against this particular procedure. While it is true that some of the chemicals that are used in the process are not something that you would want to eat or drink this is true for a lot of chemicals that are used in cleaning. That does not mean that the next time that you use the tub your skin is going to fall off. Follow the instructions that we give you as far as not using the tub for x amount of time after we are done reglazing and you should be fine!

Low-Risk High Reward

Bathtub resurfacing is something that we can get done within a day. It is not going to cost you an excessive amount of money to have us come in. Yet, it is going to allow you to have a bathtub that you will be able to enjoy for a couple more years. We really don’t see that much down side to it!

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